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Month: May 2022

Local everywhere

My heart landed here!

After extravagance

and decadence.

My heart landed here.

A log cabin full of music

And drinks and conversation

Craving experience where

nobody notices anyone else.

No upturned noses, no cares.

Just a happy place for all.

A difficult place to leave

after a sentimental drink.

Explain how you met twice

And fell in love.

Where your heart lands

If you are lucky,

you will be

where your heart lands.

You will find yourself

pulled there anyway

and it is your choice

to stay or go.

Stay where you are

and wonder what could have been,


Go to them, to it, to there,

and know.

Don’t think about it

one way or the other.

Stay or go,

and live with or without

your dream.

But remember:

You have to live

with the choices you make

or the choices you don’t.

And just before you die,

how will you feel?

Regret that you never knew,

or happy that you did.

There’s nobody forcing you.

There’s no grand plan.

Leave your repose.

Go where your heart lands.

©2023 David Newton