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Month: May 2022

Just bang like a death

Not a tender beat in that heart.

Cramp-like pain in the chest, and a headache that never stops.

The ink-black horrors when my eyes close.

With mouths peeled apart, as if to engulf.

A dark blue light with flickering shadows, watching everything as if from a fire.

A jade elephant sentry, at the gate to the red hill.

Smiling greasy faces in bliss oblivious, is it a warning?

Effortlessly fingerpainted masterpieces of a certain style I made in my mind.

Distracted and gone, but then back, almost but never.

Suddenly, you can’t remember the last time you breathed.

Realisation: a death of the self.

He’s not breathing.

A Once Strong Man

Not by choice
I am turning into
a once strong man.

Looking out at me
as I become more familiar
to myself, a knowing stranger.

A smirk of ancestral fate
watches as I realise
the unavoidable.

Not me but me accepting
an ever growing collection
of uncoincidental mannerisms.

A Sacrifice of Knowing

A nervous heart pounds
from desire acknowledged
by a muse long thought lost.

Soul set on fire
by an act of devotion,
intimately embracing from afar.

Mind sent racing
into peaceful repose
after willing unwitting recruited.

Longing never absent
rediscovered uncovered,
by just a touch.

Physical concession
gives mental release
to an old troubled mind.

Years rewind in seconds,
and lovers reintroduced.
A sacrifice of knowing.

©2024 David Newton