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Tag: love

The happiest dream

You visited me in the happiest dream,

After I thought of you for all these years.

You were there and everything was good.

We knew each other more than anyone else.

The memory of your smile breaks my heart.

The waking rain gave its sound to a dreaming shower.

A Sacrifice of Knowing

A nervous heart pounds
from desire acknowledged
by a muse long thought lost.

Soul set on fire
by an act of devotion,
intimately embracing from afar.

Mind sent racing
into peaceful repose
after willing unwitting recruited.

Longing never absent
rediscovered uncovered,
by just a touch.

Physical concession
gives mental release
to an old troubled mind.

Years rewind in seconds,
and lovers reintroduced.
A sacrifice of knowing.


Feeling silly because what?
You didn’t know, how could you?

Stronger and slower.
Take your time.
Weaker but faster – mass produced.

This fucking weather,
It’s enough to make anyone sad.

How can you be happy in a prison of your own creation?
Who lets you out of a trap
You set for yourself
And only you know about?

You see her and she’s hurt too
Is that because of you?
What hell have you caused?
What pain could you stop?

How can happiness seem so contrived?
Why cant I allow myself that one sliver of gold?

Carry me back.

©2023 David Newton