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Tag: love

I sit and watch as she

I sit and watch

as she exhales clouds

of Turkish cigarette smoke

over Dior red lips.


I sit and watch

as she pulls up nylons

with embroidered welts

to suspender clips.


I sit and watch

as she ties her silk robe

with a smile for me wryly

at its fleeting use.


I sit and watch

as she opens the door

to a stranger invited

at an earlier seduction.


I sit and watch

as she moves to him

and lets foreign hands

explore her womanly body.


I sit and watch

as she turns to the wall

her breasts cupped firmly

legs moved apart.


I sit and watch

as she moans and reciprocates

while she’s held there

and used roughly.


I sit and watch

as she lays

prostrate on the bed

and her beau goes deeper.


I sit and watch

as her head turns

and looks into my eyes

and only mine.

Red and Black

The outline of her body

Displayed across the bed.


Like a blurred impressionist painting brought to life.


I’m a permitted voyeur

With un-admittable dreams that only she can soothe.


From the small of her back to the nape of her neck is smooth and warm like a sand dune.


In the presence of a woman.

I’m a man reduced to a boy.


Breathless by painted lips and catholic modesty.


Curled hair immaculate

Reaching down, over,

Over past perfumed neck and soft breast.

Round and ample


Stirring me, but: that face;

That unblemished Venus un-severe

I cannot compare.


Shining eyes half closed

In hushed repose, smokily

Watching me.


Every time I see her is like the first.

A discovery of a treasure thought lost.


Smiling at my breathlessness

She beckons me closer.


Consumed I approach trembling

This picture of beauty.

The mother of my child.

The happiest dream

You visited me in the happiest dream,

After I thought of you for all these years.

You were there and everything was good.

We knew each other more than anyone else.

The memory of your smile breaks my heart.

The waking rain gave its sound to a dreaming shower.

©2024 David Newton