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Time has passed

Time has passed.

The opportunity for intelligent conversation is lacking.

You’re alone. 


You don’t count anymore. You probably never did.

Live man, live!

You know now that you left it too late

But don’t keep leaving it

Take the path. Find it again.

Live life on your own terms before the fire burns out.

Vancouver is a trapezoid

Vancouver is a trapezoid.

London is grown-up.

San Francisco is a garbage pile of creative genius.

Los Angeles is pretend.

Venice is mythical.

Sheffield is an anchor of cold hard rock.

Peterborough is L-shaped.

Manila is delicious.

Portland is a haze.

Orlando is glistening skin.

Chico is coffee at home.

Ypres is Cafés and falling off chairs.

Dublin is musical.

Frankfurt is on time with sauce udders.

Hong Kong is a blurry queue.

Barcelona is sunny sandwiches.

Milan is exposed to the world.

New Orleans is drunk and in love.

Baltimore is Old Bay.

Edinburgh is a whisky volcano.

©2023 David Newton